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Quick Facts

Full name Jeannie Camtu Mai
Nickname Jeannie
Birthday January 4, 1979
Age 44 years old
Sun sign Capricorn
Traits Positive: Hardworking, ambitious, and responsible
Negative: Pessimistic, workaholic, and stubborn
Birthplace San Jose, California, USA
Current residence Atlanta, USA
Nationality American
Parents James Mai (father), Olivia Tu Tram Mai (mother)
Siblings Daniel Mai,
Dennis Mai
Marital status Married
Spouse Jeezy (2021-2023),
Freddy Hauteris (2007-2018)
Children Monaco Mai Jenkins
Education Masters in Communication, De Anza
Profession Show host
Net worth USD 4 Million
Social media Instagram,
Height 1.62 m

Jeannie Mai, the accomplished talk show host, actress, and celebrity stylist, has made a name for herself through her bold fashion statements and expertise. Her name, which means “God is gracious” in Hebrew, is fitting for someone who has achieved so much.

Jeannie’s career has made her a co-host of the popular daytime talk show “The Real,” where she gained widespread recognition. She has also garnered fame through her work on the fashion show “How Do I Look?” Her achievements are a testament to her hard work and dedication.

How much is the Net worth of Jeannie Mai Jenkins?

Jeannie Mai Jenkins has been a co-host of daytime talk shows for more than seven years, so her popularity is undeniable. Her other activities have also brought her a great deal of fame and wealth. Her lucrative YouTube channel contributes to her $4 million in total wealth. Jeezy, an American rapper with a $10 million fortune, and Jeannie got married.

Early Years: What religion does she practice?

Jeannie Mai Jenkins’ upbringing was characterised by the ups and downs of life. She was born on January 4th, 1979, in San Jose, California, and as a result of her parents’ guidance, she developed into a strong, sage, and independent woman. Dennis and Daniel are Jeannie’s younger brothers.

Capricorn Jeannie Mai previously practiced Buddhism before converting to Christianity. Although overcoming many obstacles, Jeannie’s unwavering spirit and dedication to serving others have elevated her status as a well-liked public personality in the entertainment sector.

Jeannie Mai Jenkins childhood photoJeannie Mai Jenkins childhood photo Via

Jeannie has strong Asian cultural roots despite being an American citizen. She is of Vietnamese and Chinese ancestry and is proficient in Spanish, English, and Vietnamese. Given that her mother immigrated to the US via boat and was saved by the US Navy, Jeannie has a great respect for and admiration for the country of her mother’s birth and its customs.

Jeannie has a wide range of skills, including makeup artistry, styling, and hosting. She attended Milpitas High School in Milpitas, California, and then attended De Anza College to obtain a degree in communications. Jeannie Mai has a height of 1.62 meters.

Despite her success in the media, Jeannie continues to give back to the community. She has experience working with NightLight International, a group dedicated to assisting sex trafficking and exploitation victims. Many, especially those from Vietnam, have found inspiration in Jeannie’s moving account of her hardships while living in America with her mother. Reaching out to those in need and providing a listening ear is Jeannie’s life’s work.

Who are the Parents of Jeannie Mai Jenkins?

Olivia Tu Tram Mai

Jeannie Mai was reared in San Jose, California, by her parents, Olivia Tu Tram Mai and her Chinese father, who instilled in her a profound appreciation for her Asian heritage. The bond between Jeannie and her mother has gone through ups and downs. Jeannie and her siblings were shocked when Olivia wed Ted, her second husband, without telling her kids.

When Jeannie learned that Uncle Ted was their stepfather eight years later, she realized the truth. A Vietnamese singles chat room is where Olivia and Ted first met. They met in Houston after four months of internet communication, and there they hit it off right away. They finally got married, but they didn’t tell their kids right away since they weren’t sure how they would feel about it.

Jeannie Mai Jenkins parentsJeannie Mai Jenkins with her parents. Via

Eight years later, Jeannie found out about it and was pleased for her mother. But, things were not always easy in their relationship. At the age of nine until she was sixteen or seventeen, Jeannie suffered abuse at the hands of a relative. Jeannie ran away from home when she was only sixteen because Olivia didn’t believe her when she informed her mother about it.

The two didn’t get back together for eight years, not until Jeannie was 24. After they had reconciled, Jeannie told her mother what had happened, and she faced Jeannie’s abuser.

James Mai

James Mai, the father of Jeannie Mai, was Chinese, and Olivia, who was being mistreated by her father, fled with him when she was a young girl. While Olivia and James were both quite young, they had Jeannie in Texas, where he was employed as an assembly line manager. Despite their predicament, they decided to keep her, giving birth to Dennis and Daniel.

Not many people are aware of the specifics of Jeannie’s parents’ relationship after they divorced. Her father has been seeing his girlfriend for a while. James Mai made an appearance on Jeannie’s Hello Hunnay YouTube series.

How many Siblings does she have?

Dennis Mai and Daniel Mai are Jeannie Mai Jenkins’ two younger brothers. The three brothers and sisters are close, and Jeannie has discussed them in interviews and on her social media accounts. Jeannie frequently posts pictures of her younger brother Dennis Mai’s artwork on her Instagram page to show her support.

What is the Professional Career of Jeannie Mai Jenkins?

When Jeannie Mai was just eighteen years old, she started her work at Mac Cosmetics as a trainee makeup artist. She developed her skills by working with famous people like Alicia Keys, and as a result of her abilities, she was employed as a makeup artist for MTV’s Total Request Live and Good Day Sacramento.

In 2003, she submitted her own scripts for local television network auditions, and eventually got a job as co-host of Stir, an international channel’s Asian-American magazine-style program. In her mid-20s, she started hosting her own music countdown show on the California Music Channel and started working as an entertainment reporter for “The Daily Mix” on the WB.

Jeannie Maishe started her work at Mac Cosmetics as a trainee makeup artist at 18 years old. Via

Over her career, Jeannie Mai has hosted a lot of television programs and pageants. She made a big difference in women’s lives as a makeover specialist on “How Do I Look?” She has been a co-host of the Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show “The Real” with Adrienne Bailon since 2013 and is most known for that role.

In addition to her work as a broadcaster, Jeannie Mai is a well-known celebrity stylist and runs the Hello Hunnay with Jeannie Mai YouTube channel. Throughout her career, Jeannie Mai has demonstrated her hosting skills, and audiences adore her stage presence. She put a lot of effort into building a name for herself in the entertainment business and is now a prominent talk show host and stylist.

Project Type
2003 Stir TV Show Co-Host
2004 California Music Countdown Show Host
2007 How Do I Look? TV Show Host
2008 Character Fantasy TV Show Host
2010 The Daily Mix TV Show Entertainment Reporter
2011 Miss Universe Pageant TV Show Host
2013 The Real Daytime Talk Show Co-Host Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host
2015 The Next:15 Reality TV Show Cast Member
2018 Dancing with the Stars Reality TV Competition Contestant

Is Jeannie Mai Jenkins in a Relationship?

Freddy Harteis, whom Jeannie Mai initially wed, was a man she met in August 2007 and they were united in marriage not long after. Jeannie, though, thinks their marriage was unsustainable because they hurried into it. The couple’s frequent financial disagreements and unhappiness led them to decide to file for divorce in October 2017. The divorce was formally granted in December 2018.

Since then, Jeannie has moved on and is now wed to American rapper Jeezy. The couple first connected while working on “The Real,” and they started dating a few years later. Their first outing together included a romantic sushi dinner and salsa dancing. On March 27, 2020, Jeezy popped the question to Jeannie, and they have been together ever since.

The bond between Jeannie and Jeezy is characterized by their shared love of life and helpful influences on one another. On Jeannie’s Instagram page, their fans may view their adorable PDA. Jeezy is the father of a son from a prior relationship, and Jeannie has previously been in unsuccessful relationships.

Who is the Husband of Jeannie Mai Jenkins? Net worth 2023, Age, Education, Nationality, Career, Parents, Husband, Children, Bio, Wiki: Wiki, biografía, edad, patrimonio, relaciones, familia y más 1Jeannie Mai Jenkins and Jeezy at their home wedding Via

Jeezy proposed to Jeannie Mai with a magnificent 4-5 carat marquise cut diamond ring valued at about USD 150,000 during the quarantine period. Jeezy made the proposal extra memorable by treating Jeannie to a special date night that included Vietnamese food. Due to the pandemic, they were unable to go to Vietnam as planned.

The pair had originally intended to get married in Lake Como, France, but COVID-19 forced them to reschedule. They decided on a private ceremony in their backyard, attended only by their personal family and close friends, and it was conducted under stringent COVID-19 guidelines. Jeezy donned a unique creation by Teofilo Flor, while Jeannie wore a stunning wedding gown by Galia Lahav and a 15-foot Galia Lahav veil.

In addition to the traditional wedding rituals, Jeannie’s brother prepared a Vietnamese tea ceremony to honor their parents by welcoming the groom into the bride’s family and vice versa. Trap Jazz and Tyrese both provided live musical performances for the wedding, and guests were asked to wear off-white clothing to symbolize peace.

Her Husband, Jeezy

Rapper, singer, and composer Jeannie Mai alongside Jezzy Jeezy is well-known. Her real name is Jay Wayne Jenkins. His major-label debut, “Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation,” brought him popularity. He began his musical career in 2001 as Young Jeezy. Ten studio albums and numerous successful singles, including “Soul Survivor,” “I Like It,” “Go Getta,” and “Put On,” have been released by Jeezy.

Jeannie Mai with JezzyJeannie Mai with Jezzy Via

Jeezy had legal troubles despite having a great career, including convictions for gun possession, DWI, and threats following an alleged altercation with his kid in 2014. He hasn’t been charged, though, ever since he started dating Jeannie Mai.

Does Jeannie Mai Jenkins have children?

Monaco Mai Jenkins is the name of the daughter of “The Real” co-host and television personality Jeannie Mai. She was present when Jeannie hosted the Miss Universe Pageant in New Orleans later that month. She was born in January 2022. The baby can be seen in one of the sweet pictures and videos Jeannie tweeted of Monaco from backstage admiring her sparkling garment.

Monaco Mai JenkinsWith Her Daughter, Monaco Mai Jenkins Via

Jeannie recently shared on Instagram on the value of practicing self-care and teaching her daughter how to do the same. She wants to instill self-confidence in her daughter by demonstrating what it looks like when a mother takes care of herself.

With the birth of Monaco, Jeannie openly discussed her issues with her mental health, revealing that she had postpartum anxiety. While acknowledging the ups and downs of breastfeeding and the toll it may take on the mind, she has urged other mothers to avoid comparing themselves to other mothers.

Social Media Presence

Social media has played a significant role in people’s lives. Jeannie Mai maintained a high level of activity on her social media during the worldwide quarantine. On her Instagram account, Mai never misses an opportunity to update her followers on her life. Her account currently has more than 2.6 million followers. Her most recent posts show how content she is to be a mommy.


How old is Jeannie Mai?

Born on January 4, 1979, Jeannie Camtu Mai is currently 44 years old.

Is Jeannie Mai getting married?

Jeannie Mai and her rapper boyfriend, Jeezy, are married. They got married on March 27, 2021, in their Atlanta home.

What ethnicity is Jeannie?

Jeannie is a mix of Vietnamese and Chinese.

Are Jeannie and Jeezy still together?

Jeannie and Jeezy are still together and are going strong. They are expecting their first child.

Is Jeannie Mai a Vietnamese?

Jeannie Mai is a Vietnamese American citizen.

Who is Jeannie Mai dating?

Jeannie Mai married American rapper, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Jezzy in an intimate ceremony in their home in Atlanta.

How much is Jeannie Mai’s net worth?

Jeannie has a net worth of around USD 4 million.

Who did Jeannie Mai marry?

Jeannie Mai married American rapper, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Jeezy in an intimate ceremony in their home in Atlanta. Previously, she was married to Freddy Harteis.

What is Jeannie Mai’s real name?

Jeannie’s real name is Jeannie Camtu Mai.

What does Jeannie Mai do for a living?

Jeannie is widely known as a TV personality and television presenter. She is also an actor, makeup artist, and personal stylist.

What is Jeannie Mai famous for?

Jeannie Jenkins is famous as an American makeup artist, actress, fashion expert, and television personality. She is highly known for hosting the shows ‘How do I look?’ and “The Real.”

Did anyone from The Real attend Jeannie Mai’s wedding?

No, her cohosts from The Real were not invited to her wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why did Jeannie Mai not invite her cohost to her wedding?

Jeannie Mai Jenkins didn’t invite her cohosts to the wedding due to COVID safety restrictions. However, she did call them to inform them about it.

Does Jeannie Mai speak Vietnamese?

Of Course. Jeannie Mai is multi-lingual. In addition to English, Jeannie speaks fluent Vietnamese and Spanish.

What happened to Jeannie Mai?

After the marriage, Jeannie Mai is pregnant yet again. She underwent an IVF procedure to become pregnant.

Is Jeannie Mai leaving “The Real?”

Yes, Jeannie Mai announced her departure from “The Real” in November 2021.

Are Jeannie Mai and Brenda Song of Disney’s “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” the same person?

No, Jeannie Mai and Brenda Song are two different people.

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